Noam Chomsky Says Ukraine Desire for Heavy Weapons Is ‘Western Propaganda’

Political philosopher Noam Chomsky said Ukraine’s request for heavy weaponry is a narrative concocted by the “Western propaganda system,” despite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s previous requests for other nations to arm his country in its efforts to fend off Russia’s invasion.

“What if we were to argue to the Ukrainian people that if we provide the huge arms demanded by Zelensky, by the president, that this will be an act of destruction for the Ukrainian people, but the position of the Ukrainian people in response to that is, ‘We want those arms,'” U.K. journalist Owen Jones asked Chomsky in an interview shared Wednesday.

He continued: “Because then in a sense, it’s this danger that we’re arguing something against the expressed will of the Ukrainian people, we’re saying that ‘This will lead to your violent destruction,’ but their argument is ‘We need this in order to end a war of aggression, which is a war of subjugation,’ how do we square that?”

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