Nokia Unveils G11 Plus Phone With A 90Hz Screen & 3-day Battery Life

HMD Global’s Nokia G11 Plus is a budget smartphone with interesting specs, one of which is its 3-day battery life which puts flagships to shame.

The Nokia G11 Plus is the newest smartphone from HMD Global, and its specs put it in the budget category. Earlier in June 2022, the Finnish manufacturer announced the Nokia C100 and Nokia C200 entry-level smartphones for the U.S. market, thus expanding its regional offerings. HMD Global has confirmed that it has no plans to launch a flagship for the foreseeable future.

Its mid-range lineup includes the C series, G series and X series. The Nokia C-series is its line of entry-level smartphones, while the G series is the slightly more expensive budget smartphone. The Nokia X series sits at the top with models such as the Nokia X100, which have 5G support.

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