Peacemaker: First Clip Released Online

HBO Max has released a new clip giving fans a first look at the upcoming Peacemaker series from writer/director James Gunn. The series, which spins out of the events of The Suicide Squad, teams John Cena’s Peacemaker up with a group of ARGUS agents who have found themselves on Amanda Waller’s bad side following the events of that film. Against all odds, Peacemaker managed to survive his injuries at the hands of Bloodsport, and now he’s back in action and just as self-important as ever. In the clip, fans get an extended version of a quip that appeared in a previous promotional spot, in which Peacemaker is asked why he is wearing his costume to dinner, and he responds by explaining it’s not a costume, but a uniform.

Also, y’know…you have to stretch it out. So it’s comfortable for the mission. Oh, and we get to meet his pet bald eagle, Eagley, who absolutely sounds like a Silver Age comics thing, but if it is, it’s a deep enough cut that we couldn’t find it right away.

You can check it out below.

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