Pimoroni Plasma 2040 Review: Super Bright, Super Easy

The easiest and most cost effective means to add RGB to your projects.

The Raspberry Pi Pico, and the RP2040 have been with us for some time now and we have seen typical boards with lots of GPIO pins, smaller boards with curated GPIO pins, and specialist boards which use the power of the RP2040 in an unusual form factor, for example Pimoroni’s Keybow 2040 and Adafruit’s Trinkey QT2040.

For the latest specialist board, we see Pimoroni’s Plasma 2040, a board designed specifically for use with RGB LEDs such as NeoPixels and DotStars. The Plasma 2040 is powered by the RP2040 and features a Stemma QT connector, along with sturdy screw terminals to connect to our chosen RGB LEDs.

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