Poison Ivy Could Be DC's Greatest Hero (But Chooses Not To)

Poison Ivy is one of the strongest metahumans in Gotham City, and a recent comic reveals she could be the greatest hero and choose not to.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman #114 by DC Comics below

DC Comics just confirmed that Poison Ivy could become one of the greatest heroes ever but chooses not to. In Batman #114, Miracle Molley and Queen Ivy have a conversation about the state of Gotham City, where the former tells Ivy if she let go of her anger and baggage, she could become one of the world’s best heroes. However, Poison Ivy has no interest in doing so.

Poison Ivy is at an interesting place in current DC Comics stories. The longtime villain has become Queen Ivy after being experimented on by the Magistrate and splitting into two bodies and personalities. Harley Quinn has made it her quest to reconnect both versions of Poison Ivy and get her girlfriend back in one piece. In the meantime, Queen Ivy has taken over Gotham’s underground, creating Eden, which is her own city of the green. With Gotham City falling to pieces above her, Queen Ivy had no intention of helping those above her. But, thanks to Quinn’s convincing, she’s taken in the Unsanity Collective under her protection.

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