Putin ‘Humiliating Himself’ in Ukraine and Must Be Defeated: U.K. Official

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss assessed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “humiliating himself” with his military’s actions and failures in Ukraine, urging fellow wealthy nations to help “ensure” that Moscow will be defeated.

Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine just over two and a half months ago on February 24. Putin’s aggression drew swift and widespread international criticism, with the United Nations General Assembly voting overwhelmingly to condemn the attack. Only four countries—North Korea, Syria, Belarus and Eritrea—voted with Russia against that U.N. resolution.

While Putin reportedly believed that his forces would rapidly conquer much of the Eastern European nation and topple the government in Kyiv within days, Russian forces have greatly underperformed compared to analysts’ initial expectations. As the war heads toward the end of its third month, Moscow’s troops have faced failure after failure as Ukraine’s military and ordinary civilians have fought back hard in defense of their country.

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