‘Red Rocket’ Trailer Stars Simon Rex as a Former Adult Actor Struggling to Get By in New Film From Sean Baker

The latest film from the director of ‘Tangerine’ and ‘The Florida Project’ comes to theaters this December.

A24 has released the trailer for Sean Baker’s newest film, Red Rocket. Simon Rex (Scary Movie 3, Jack & Jill) stars as Mikey Saber, a former porn star who comes back to his hometown in Texas that doesn’t welcome his return.

The trailer is a whirlwind of terrible situations for Rex’s Mikey, as he moves back in with his wife (Bree Elrod), has to explain the seventeen-year gap in employment during job interviews, and gets sucker punched outside of a donut shop. However, the film does look to give Rex a fantastic and surprising lead performance. In his review of Red Rocket, Collider’s Rafael Motamayor said Rex “perfectly plays Mikey’s boastful pride for his work and his desire to obtain more glory.”

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