Russia Offers ‘Lucrative Cash Bonuses’ to New Troops Going to Ukraine: U.K.

Russia is planning to expand its forces by offering “lucrative” cash bonuses to volunteers once they head to fight in Ukraine, said the British Ministry of Defence.

The ministry tweeted an intelligence briefing on Wednesday saying that Russia has “almost certainly” formed new ground forces to fight in Ukraine, identified as 3rd Army Corps (3 AC), based out of Mulino in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast east of Moscow.

“Russia likely plans to resource a large proportion of 3 AC from newly formed ‘volunteer’ battalions, which are being raised across the country, and which group together recruits from the same areas,” the ministry added in its briefing. “Russian regional politicians have confirmed that potential 3 AC recruits are being offered lucrative cash bonuses once they deploy to Ukraine.”

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