Samsung Galaxy S22 could be first phone with ray tracing — why that’s a big deal

With 2022 approaching, hype for the Galaxy S22 is already ramping up. Feeding the flames of anticipation, Samsung allegedly confirmed that its upcoming Exynos 2200 system-on-chip, which could debut with the Galaxy S22, will support ray tracing graphics in games thanks to its partnership with AMD.

We say “alleged” because we could not find the post on Samsung Exynos’ Weibo account at time of writing. But according to Wccftech, Samsung’s social media teams let this bit of news slip early. Even so, we believe that this tidbit of news is legit. It would, after all, make sense given the technology behind the Exynos 2200’s GPU.

Earlier this year, we wrote about Samsung partnering with AMD to create a mobile gaming powerhouse for 2022. AMD is well-known in the PC and console gaming space, both for its CPUs and GPUs. AMD is also the mastermind behind the Xbox Series X and PS5’s power, since its RDNA 2 technology powers both consoles’ graphics hardware.

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