Send Moldova Modern Weaponry in Light of Putin’s ‘Clear’ Ambitions: Truss

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she wants to send Moldova modern weaponry to protect it from the threat of a Russian invasion, according to a new interview published Friday.

Truss told The Telegraph that she believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to create a “greater Russia,” and warned that vulnerable nations could soon become his next target following the assault on Ukraine. Truss said Moldova, which borders Ukraine to the southwest and is not a member of NATO, should be equipped to deter any possible attacks.

“I would want to see Moldova equipped to NATO standard. This is a discussion we’re having with our allies,” she told the newspaper. “Putin has been absolutely clear about his ambitions to create a greater Russia. And just because his attempts to take Kyiv weren’t successful doesn’t mean he’s abandoned those ambitions.”

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