Shameless: How Old The Characters Are At The Beginning And End Of The Show

Shameless aired on Showtime for 11 seasons between 2011 and 2021, but how old were the Gallagher kids at the start and end of the show?

With all the anarchy in the Gallagher household, it can be difficult to keep track of how old the characters in Shameless are from the beginning to the end of the show. When the comedy-drama series debuted on Showtime in 2011, all of the Gallagher kids (except for Fiona) were still minors. By the time the series wrapped up with the season 11 finale in the spring of 2021, all except Liam are adults with jobs and – in some cases – kids of their own.

Monica Gallagher had six children altogether before walking out on the family and leaving Fiona to take on the brunt of the parenting (even more so than she already had). In a rant in season 1, Frank helpfully spells out the age differences between the kids, saying that Monica left when Fiona was 14, Lip was 11, Ian was 10, Debbie was seven, Carl was five, and Liam was four months old. Of course, this being Frank, there’s probably some room for error in his calculation of the kids’ ages. Other clues in the show indicate that Fiona is actually around five years older than Lip, not three.

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