Some Korean Speakers Think Squid Game’s English Subtitles Change The Show’s Meaning

When it released on Netflix on Sept. 17, “Squid Game” skyrocketed to Netflix’s coveted Top 10 list and has become one of the most popular shows on the platform in the last few weeks. Fox Business reports that it has unseated “Lupin” as the most-watched foreign language show and is the show that Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos is most thankful for right now. The series, in which 456 desperate people compete in a brutal competition for a multi-million dollar prize, has clearly touched a nerve with its reflections about the current zeitgeist. 

However, ever since it launched, people who understand the Korean language have been alerting others over social media and other platforms that the English subtitles for the series aren’t particularly accurate; in fact, they can change the show’s dialogue in meaningful ways that reduce the show’s depth. With the show remaining so popular across the globe, these critics are getting noticed. 

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