Squid Game has a botched Netflix translation — here’s how to fix it

Squid Game is the biggest show on Netflix right now. The South Korean survival drama is topping the streamer’s most-watch lists in dozens of countries and has taken social media by storm. 

It’s not hard to see why either; Squid Game has a simple but very compelling premise. It follows a group of struggling citizens who are selected by a shadowy organization to take part in a series of playground games each with a deadly twist. However, viewers watching the series with English subtitles may in fact be getting a poorly translated version of the acclaimed show. 

Korean-speaking podcaster Youngmi Mayer took to social media to explain that the English subtitles provided by Netflix aren’t doing a good job of preserving the show’s original writing. She used a scene featuring the character Han Mi-nyeo (played by Kim Joo-Ryoung) to illustrate her point. 

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