Still running Windows 7? Time is running out to upgrade to Windows 10. What to know

Windows 10 is required to upgrade to Windows 11. Here’s why you need to update today.

Time is running out to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft no longer offers support for Windows 7, and now the company has officially launched Windows 11. If you’re still running an older version of Windows, keep in mind that Windows 11 will only be available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users, not older versions. Anyone on older operating systems will have to pay to upgrade (Here’s how to download Windows 11 and how to check if your computer’s compatible.) 

If you’re still running Windows 7, you can buy Windows 10 Home on Microsoft’s website for $139 (£120, AU$225). But you don’t necessarily have to shell out the cash: Over the summer, there was a free Microsoft upgrade offer that worked (it still might). Updating to Windows 10 now will make future updates, like Windows 11, easier. But you can expect to update to Windows 11 soon because support for Windows 10 will end in 2025

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