Super Mario Bros: The Movie – Why Charlie Day Is Actually The Perfect Luigi

The casting for the Super Mario movie is admittedly a bit odd, but one character has the perfect actor – Luigi, who’ll be played by Charlie Day.

The casting announcements for Super Mario Bros: The Movie have been a topic of extended debate, but one star is perfect for his Mario role – Charlie Day as Luigi. Luigi has always been the player two to his red-capped brother’s player one, but he’s still a critical character in the franchise who’s had more than a few major solo adventures over the years. And while the rest of the Super Mario Bros. cast may seem a bit odd, Day is a perfect choice to play Mario’s little brother.

Where Mario is the de facto hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi is the natural sidekick – a timid, frantic, but overall still heroic character known for battling ghosts, playing tennis, and wearing green. His defining traits are his penchant for overdramatic displays of terror, and his uncanny ability to solve problems unintentionally. He’s also a loyal friend and companion, going to great lengths to save or assist his brother whenever necessary and without question.

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