Superman Brings Back a Weirdly Useful Forgotten Power

As Jon Kent takes over as Superman, Clark wheels out an old ability that will be useful as his son unites with other Kryptonian heroes.

Warning: contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #3!

While Superman has historically had a huge range of superpowers – some seen only once – his abilities have more or less settled in modern comics, including superspeed, inhuman durability, heat vision, freezing breath, flight, and enhanced senses. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Man of Tomorrow can’t have a few surprises up his sleeve in how he uses them.

During the Silver and Bronze Ages of comic books (around 1955-1980), writers experimented with Superman’s powers so much that he could sneeze away galaxies and shoot miniature versions of himself out of his palms. Nowadays, writers tend to opt for finding new ways for Kryptonian heroes to use their powers rather than giving them endless abilities – for example, Jon Kent recently learned how to detonate his heat vision midair. Of course, Jon will need all his powers and more, since Clark Kent is passing on the Superman mantle as he leaves Earth to free Mongul’s slaves on Warworld (a mission that it’s been hinted will take a significant amount of time.) Thankfully, one of the pair’s final moments together reveals a smart use of their powers that will be useful as Jon teams up with fellow Kryptonian heroes like Supergirl and Conner Kent in the weeks and months to come.

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