The best kids’ tablets for 2021

What’s the best tablet to buy for your child? Here are our top picks for durable kid-friendly tablets.

When looking for a tablet for your kid, it may be best to avoid pricey premium tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro, the iPad Mini, the Apple iPad Pro or even the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. (It would be a particular type of heartbreak to watch an iPad Pro shatter on the ground, which it can do, even with a protective case.) Many kid-friendly tablets offer robust parental control features that let parents monitor their screen time and the content kids can access. Whether you’re buying a children’s tablet for an older child, a younger kid or a little one, you’re sure to find a great tablet among our picks for the best tablet for kids.

Tablets can be a great resource with loads of apps and educational content, so it’s no wonder parents are drawn to them for their children. Kids can play games, listen to music, watch movies and read books all on a tablet. There are even toys that work alongside a kid friendly tablet to teach children how to code. Not only can these tablets keep your kid occupied while you’re working or making dinner, they can also teach your child the basics of using a computer. Many of the tablets on our list come preloaded with kid friendly content and educational apps to facilitate learning alongside the fun entertainment apps.

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