The Case Study Of Vanitas Part 2 Release Date, Characters And Plot – What We Know So Far

On Aug. 6, the English-dubbed version of “The Case Study of Vanitas” arrived at Funimation’s website, bringing the steampunk-styled supernatural mystery manga series to life for a whole new audience. The vampire-based anime, set in Paris of the 19th century, is very atmospheric, what with its airships, period clothing and blue-moon and crimson vampires. It starts with the young vampire Noé, who is asked by his teacher to go to Paris to look for the titular book. In an incident on the airship, he meets a girl named Amelia — who turns out to be a vampire named Florifel, who just needs her name returned to her — and blue-eyed Vanitas himself. Vanitas enlists his help in changing the “curse-bearing” vampires back to normal using the grimoire in question. 

“The Case Study of Vanitas” has aired 12 episodes of its split-cour season, which is normal for anime shows — but now leaves fans to wonder when Part 2 will happen, and what will happen going forward, since the series hasn’t exactly concluded its plot. If you’re one of the fans anxiously awaiting news of the second part of the first season, here’s what we know so far.

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