The First Clip From HBO’s Peacemaker Show Will Have You In Stitches

Since his appearance in James Gunn’s directorial dip in the DC universe with “The Suicide Squad,” fans have been eager to see Peacemaker (John Cena), aka Christopher Smith, return in his brand new show for HBO Max. Last seen looking a little worse for fear in “The Suicide Squad’s” post-credit scene, we’ve got a brand new clip showing us the statuesque DC character in better form. 

The fresh bit of footage released by HBO Max shows Cena reprising his role as the toilet-helmet-wearing ‘hero’ that will kill any number of men, women, or children on the quest for peace. Looking to have received a clean bill of health since his altercation with Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Smith is back in his red, white, and chrome and still takes things very, very seriously. It’s just his new teammates that are struggling with it all, especially when it comes to the feathered friend he’s brought along for the action.

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