The First Trailer For Netflix’s Hypnotic Will Give You Chills

Netflix just dropped a new trailer for “Hypnotic,” an upcoming thriller that’s definitely got some mind games in store, both for its protagonist and audience. According to Netflix, the film tells the story of “a young woman seeking self-improvement” who “enlists the help of a renowned hypnotist, but after a handful of intense sessions, soon discovers unexpected and deadly consequences.” 

The film’s trailer follows through on the promise of that logline, showing its protagonist Jenn (Kate Siegel) as she begins working with Dr. Collin Meade (Jason O’Mara) in the hopes of overcoming her past traumas and general anxiety. It becomes clear very quickly, however, why that wasn’t the best idea, as the trailer teases the various negative effects that Meade’s sessions have on her as well as the rest of his patients. The trailer also makes it appear as though the doctor is either trying to control Jenn or scare her to death, but his motives remain ambiguous right now. The film’s cast of characters also includes Detective Wade Rollins (Dulé Hill), who may try to help Jenn put the pieces of her sessions together, only to also get caught up in her increasingly dangerous situation. 

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