The Flash Just Became A Master of Kryptonian Metal

Everyone knows the Flash is the Fastest Man Alive, but he is also the Fastest Learner Alive, learning a number of highly technical skills in seconds.

Spoilers ahead for Justice League #68!

The Hall of Justice was recently leveled, and when the Justice League needed someone versed in Kryptonian metals to help in the rebuild, the Flash stepped up to the plate. In Justice League #68, on sale now in print and digital, the Scarlet Speedster takes advantage of his super-speed and learns Kryptonian metallurgy super quick.

Fans know that the Flash’s super-speed allows him to run at speeds faster than light; it also allows him to vibrate his molecules to different frequencies, granting him the ability to travel the multiverse. The Flash’s super-speed powers extend beyond merely running fast—his brain also works faster than the average human’s. For example, the Flash could read a set of encyclopedias in a few seconds, and still retain all the knowledge he gained. This ability does not get showcased often, but in Justice League #68, he puts it to good use, helping the Justice League rebuild the Hall of Justice in the wake of an alien attack, which nearly destroyed the facility. The issue is written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Scott Godlewski, colors by Gabe Eltaeb, and letters by Josh Reed.

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