The Misery Scene Horror Fans Can’t Stop Rewatching

One of the most enduring horror classics is the 1990 thriller “Misery,” the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s 1987 novel of the same name. The story centers around a successful writer (James Caan) who finds himself held captive by a mentally unstable woman (Kathy Bates) who considers herself the novelist’s number one fan. The movie holds a 90% percent approval rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and the film grossed $61 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo). Bates won an Oscar for best actress for her role as Annie Wilkes, a nurse whose bedside manner makes Nurse Ratched look like Florence Nightingale.

Set almost entirely in Annie’s remote cabin in Colorado in the dead of winter, Paul Sheldon finds himself trying to pacify the unhinged Annie, who is prone to violent temper tantrums and bouts of deep depression. Paul is desperate to escape but depends on Annie for his survival. “Misery” doesn’t rely on blood and gore to scare the audience but rather on Annie’s mental, emotional, and physical torture of the object of her affection. Fans of the film remain equal parts obsessed and distressed by the demented lengths Annie goes to in an effort to keep Paul trapped in her house, and they took to Reddit to discuss one disturbing scene in particular.

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