The PlayStation 5 Features Most People Forget About

Earlier this month, Sony announced the purge of a PlayStation 5 feature for the honestly pretty reasonable rationale of “absolutely fucking nobody was using this thing.” Called Accolades, it allowed users to award points to opponents in multiplayer games. Yeah. I’d also never heard of it before Sony sent it directly to the grave.

The PS5 is an efficiently designed machine with a slew of helpful features and an impressive suite of accessibility options, alongside a neat built-in guide that offers hints for brain-stumping games. But all consoles could trim some cruft (see, again, Accolades). As Kotaku did with the Nintendo Switch—and as we’ll surely do with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S…someday…maybe…no promises—here are all the other features that could leave the PS5 with nary a peep.

Boot up your PS5, and you’ll immediately land on an icon for the Explore app, which basically serves as a funnel for press releases from PlayStation. (If you want to read about video game news, might I interest you in a video game news site?) Explore also loads in a small column of news items for “your games.” For a game to fall under that category, you need only have played it once, which means you may still find yourself getting notifications for Warframe or Rocket League or whatever, despite having not played or even cared about those games for years. I’ve had a PS5 since launch and have used the Explore app exactly zero times. You can’t get rid of it entirely, sadly, but at least you can clean it up a bit—here’s how.

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