The Rare Basketball Card Collection That Fetched $25k On Pawn Stars

When you look around the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured on “Pawn Stars,” you’ll find every collectible imaginable. There’s a market out there for pretty much everything from old firearms to autographed guitars. Basically, if there’s money to be made, Rick Harrison wants in on the ground floor. And one of the most collectible items of all time is vintage trading cards. 

While plenty of people will shell out fistfuls of cash for the chance to get their hands on a rare item, Rick needs to be prudent. The prices of these cards fluctuate wildly, which isn’t a good marketing proposition for a guy as level-headed as Rick. When he buys an item, he wants to be 100% sure he can turn a profit. That’s why he had to turn away some holographic Charizard cards. Even though they eventually sold for a pretty penny, Rick didn’t want to gamble.

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