Thermaltake W1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review: Solid Performance, Not Great for Gaming

The Thermaltake W1 Wireless offers a lot of connectivity options and even some media keys, but lacks other features helpful for gaming.

Sometimes less is more. There are plenty of enthusiasts who would happily forego extras like RGB, software and macro keys, and are perfectly content with a well-priced, comfortable mechanical keyboard. Some will rejoice at the Thermaltake W1 Wireless ($110 as of writing) gaming keyboard’s subdued look. There’s no RGB to distract you or eat up battery life, and you get media keys and a wrist rest. As with some of the best wireless keyboards, you can even connect via a USB Type-A dongle and up to three Bluetooth devices for easy multi-device control, as well as via a detachable cable.

But to those with even slightly more on their wish list, the W1 Wireless has a skimpy feature set. Plus, my review unit suffered from stiff keys, rattling stabilizers and pinging, especially with the spacebar. Things get more awkward when you realize how similar The W1 Wireless is to one of Logitech’s wireless keyboards

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