These Criminal Minds Episodes Are Based On Real-Life Cases

If you’ve seen one police procedural series, you’ve seen most of them. That’s not a knock on the genre by any means, but most viewers go into these shows knowing what to expect from their episodic tales of crime and mystery. However, “Criminal Minds” is an exception to the rule. While the CBS series adheres to familiar beats in many ways, the show stands out thanks to its array of unique characters, macabre sensibilities and storylines that focus on the psychology behind criminal profiling.

Much to the dismay of some fans of the show, “Criminal Minds” isn’t exactly realistic when it comes to its portrayal of criminal profilers in the FBI. However, the creators have infused elements of reality into the show’s twisted storylines on numerous occasions. Some of the cases in the show are based on the exploits of actual killers and other criminals, which is quite scary when you think about it.

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