This Is How Long It Really Took To Get Squid Game Made

“Squid Game,” Netflix’s sensational, squirm-inducing South Korean thriller series that’s topped the streaming service’s daily Top 10 charts all over the world since it was released on September 17, is on track to become Netflix’s most-watched series ever, outpacing global megahits “Bridgerton” and “Lupin,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The show’s success has come as a surprise to just about everyone, because for a long time, no one wanted “Squid Game.” Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk came up with the show more than a decade ago. He told the Korean publication Cine21 that he had the initial idea in 2008 and wrote it in 2009. When he would pitch the series back then, potential investors balked at the violence and what they felt was an implausible premise, he told the Wall Street Journal. They didn’t believe that people would face almost certain death to compete for the chance to win money.

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