Ukraine Could Run Out of Critical HIMARS Missiles in Months: Expert

Retired United States Marine Corps Colonel Mark Cancian predicts that the supply of High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) missiles provided by the U.S. to Ukraine to combat Russian aggression will be depleted within the next three or four months.

“[Three to four months is] a pretty wild guess, but I don’t think that’s crazy,” Cancian, a senior adviser with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Newsweek. “Some people have estimated a month or so. I don’t think they’re firing them that fast.”

“We will get to that point where the U.S. will have to reduce the number of missiles provided because the stocks will be running low. I think there will be a series of discussions inside the Pentagon,” Cancian added. “The military will probably want to hold on to more; the civilian officials will probably want to release more, and they’ll come to some sort of agreement on what is an acceptable level of risk.”

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