Walking Dead: Lance Hornsby's Plan Explained (& How Eugene Screwed It Up)

The Commonwealth’s Lance Hornsby is up to something in The Walking Dead. Here’s what he had planned, and how Eugene managed to ruin it.

With the smile of a politician and the dress sense of an unemployed clown, Lance Hornsby is the Commonwealth’s man with a plan in The Walking Dead, but what did he have in mind before Eugene went off-script? Entering the Commonwealth in The Walking Dead season 11, Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel and Princess find the sprawling community has plenty going for it – safety, shelter, cake, etc. Unfortunately, what the Commonwealth has in iced buns, it lacks in democratic principles, and the Alexandrian guests have already found themselves on the wrong side of the law multiple times.

Though The Walking Dead season 11 is yet to introduce the Commonwealth’s leader, Pamela Milton, we’ve seen plenty of Lance Hornsby, her Director of Operations who has taken Eugene and co. under his wing – for better or worse. Lance has the aura of a man who’d sell his own mother a faulty used car, and he clearly has plans for the Alexandrians in The Walking Dead season 11. Though Lance’s full intentions remain murky, here’s what we know so far about his elaborate scheme and ultimate goal.

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