Watch Demi Lovato and Friends Tackle a Halloween Horror Nights Maze

‘Unidentified with Demi Lovato’ is streaming now on Peacock.

Unidentified with Demi Lovato brings us a look at true believer Demi Lovato and their search for answers after an experience that they believe was with a UFO and extraterrestrial beings. In a new clip released by Peacock, Lovato, their sister Dallas Lovato, and friend Matthew Scott Montgomery are all heading to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood to get some real-life frights! Sort of.

The Unidentified crew visited the scream-fest hosted at Universal's Hollywood and Orlando parks every year, boasting new themes from our favorite horror shows and movies. This time, they experience the story of the Bride of Frankenstein as they head through a maze filled with chapters from her life. While the unscripted show gives us a look into Lovato, the journey through Universal's Hollywood Horror Nights is a fun look into Lovato and their friends.

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