Watch: First Look at '…And Just Like That' Reveals the Next Chapter in the 'Sex and the City' Franchise

The gals will be waiting for us in December.

Back in August, HBO Max announced that the Sex and the City revival, titled …And Just Like That, was slated for a fall release. Now, the streamer has posted a first-look video that shows our favorite New York gals back on set, and star Sarah Jessica Parker herself announces a new release date. The 10-episode series will bring us back to check in with the group of female friends 17 years after the end of the original (and revolutionary) TV show.

The video, shot in the Big Apple’s 5th Avenue, was taken while filming the new series, and shows Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) at home sporting her new hair, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) walking a dog, the trio walking around the streets and, of course, a lot of new and impressive looks for Carrie (Parker). The clip ends with Parker announcing a December release date and the stylized title card for …And Just Like That, along with the new subtitle “A New Chapter of Sex and the City”.

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