Where to buy Xbox Series X UK — Track on Twitter, Amazon, Currys, Game and more

When it comes to finding where to buy the Xbox Series X in the U.K. today might not be the day to get lucky, as we’ve not spotted any hints or tips at upcoming Xbox Series X restocks. There are reports of Amazon’s European sites having Xbox Series X stock, which can be imported to the U.K. but those seem infrequent.  

While we wait to hear more, we suggest you check out the U.K. retailers we’ve listed below, where you can sign up to stock alerts so you’ll be ready for any new Xbox Series X restocks take place. Do keep this page bookmarked and regularly refreshed to keep abreast of any Xbox Series X stock drops. 

If you’re having no luck with the retailers below, why not check out our list of alternative retailers that could have Xbox Series X stock. We’re hoping that the predicted end to the great chip shortage that’s a major contributor to the new console shortages will finally come to an end next year. 

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