Who is Naruto's Most Powerful Monster, the Ten-Tailed Beast?

Naruto’s most powerful monster is the Ten-Tailed beast, a demon with a tragic origin that began with the noblest of intentions, but soured into evil!

Across the Naruto mythos, with all the ninja clans, backstabbing villains, and horrendous monsters, there is one that is the most powerful, the Ten-Tailed beast. Being born of jealousy and envious of godly power, Ten-Tails’ story of how it attained the level of power it now possesses is one of heartbreak and sorrow, though entirely self-inflicted. Originating at the dawn of human-accessible chakra, Ten-Tails is an elder demon that was once a human that became a twisted form of her former self in the path to attain ultimate power. 

Ten-Tails was originally a princess in an ancient past riddled with war. There was a tree that was revered as a god known as the God Tree, one which offered a chakra fruit every thousand years. With the fruit, humans could do things they otherwise couldn’t even dream of, similar to Naruto’s present-day abilities. Wanting to make chakra a lasting advantage to her people, Princess Kaguya planted the seeds of the fruit, creating sustainable access to chakra. Not long after, she became pregnant with two sons, who were the first to be born with chakra, not needing any outside help to attain the powers it offers. Jealousy grew within the princess, believing that her children stole the chakra that rightfully was hers, so she did something drastic. 

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