Who is Torrin’s voice actor in “Bad Travelling” from Love, Death and Robots S3?

“Bad Travelling” is one of the most striking episodes from Love, Death and Robots season 3, but where do you recognise the voice actor for Torrin from?

Love, Death and Robots is arguably Netflix’s greatest animated series so far and is personally on my ‘Mount Rushmore’ of modern animated titles. However, we all have to admit that there are certain episodes from the hit anthology series that are significantly better than others; including the outstanding “Bad Travelling” from the recently released third season.  

Gorgeous animation styles in the episode serve to shock viewers alongside a tale of betrayal and moral dilemmas, mixed in with some very grotesque, gory imagery. Now, fans around the world are recognising the voice of Torrin from “Bad Travelling”, the main character, and where you know his voice actor from will undoubtedly surprise you.

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