Why Casey From The Duff Looks So Familiar

If you need another hit teen comedy to watch, Netflix just released an excellent option — 2015’s “The DUFF.” The film plays into the classic teen comedy trope of giving an “ugly” girl a makeover and stars Mae Whitman as Bianca Piper — the said “ugly” girl. Bianca learns she’s been dubbed as the “designated ugly fat friend,” aka the DUFF, of her friend group and enlists the help of her popular neighbor, Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell), to give her a makeover.

Casey, played by Bianca A. Santos, is one of Bianca’s prettier and more popular friends, along with Jess (Skyler Samuels), who gives Bianca the title of the DUFF. The actress has quite a familiar face, and you might find yourself wondering where you’ve seen her before. Fans of teen drama series might be especially curious about what other projects Santos has been involved in, as she has spent some time working on television series in the genre, according to her IMDb page. Here’s why Casey from “The Duff” looks so familiar.

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