Why Did The Old Man Play In Squid Game?

The survival drama “Squid Game” has got a grip on Netflix users — and a majority of the internet, for that matter. Those who decided to watch the series thinking they were in for anything remotely lighthearted found themselves in for a gruesome surprise, as the show is anything but that. And in the wake of the Season 1 finale, numerous mysteries still remain unsolved.

“Squid Game” follows a character named Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), who decides to join a competition to win money in an attempt to pay off his gambling debts. Not long into the first game, Gi-hun learns that it’s going to be much more intense than he thought — and this time, he’s betting with his life. One of the first allies Gi-hun makes in “Squid Game” is an elderly man known as Player 001 (Oh Yeong-su). Gi-hun is understandably shocked to see such a frail-looking man taking part in the competition, and we soon learn that Player 001 has a terminal illness exacerbated by a brain tumor, and he decided to join the games rather than die of his illness.

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