Why Mark From Till Death Looks So Familiar

It’s the time of year where everyone with a streaming subscription can’t help but devour all of the spooky thrillers and horror films available to us. It’s a good time to revisit great Halloween classics, like “Scream” or “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” but it’s also an equally great time to check out new releases that will get your blood pumping. If you’re looking for something new and different, Netflix has plenty of options available to keep you up at night, including its newest release, “Till Death.” 

The intriguingly titled new film stars “Jennifer’s Body” alum Megan Fox, and it sounds like a horror story straight from the depths of one’s nightmares. According to the Netflix description, “Till Death” follows a woman who “finds herself shackled to her dead spouse as part of a revenge plot. As the rest of the plan unfolds, a desperate battle for survival begins.” Talk about a twisted revenge plot that only could happen in a horror movie, right? It’s no wonder the R-rated flick is blowing up on Netflix following its arrival on the platform on October 1 (via The Hollywood Reporter).

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