Why Rick & Morty Needs A Live-Action Episode

Bringing back Christopher Lloyd for a live-action episode would prove Rick & Morty can still take risks in season 6 despite ending the multiverse.

Rick & Morty’s season 5 finale seemingly ended the show’s multiverse for good—which is why the Adult Swim series needs a live-action episode. Since its debut in 2013, Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty has never been averse to experimental storytelling. The series has featured some truly wild plotlines over the years and, particularly in its fifth season, Rick & Morty’s fixed its stories by focusing more on the supporting cast, resulted in the show pairing off all manner of characters for surreal adventures.

However, the season 5 finale took away one of the show’s most reliable storytelling devices by putting an end to the multiverse (or “Central Finite Curve”). Without the Central Finite Curve, Rick & Morty will likely be unable to maintain a cavalier attitude toward canon and continuity and will need to set some stakes in stone for season six. However, the animated series should do the exact opposite and wrong foot fans with a more experimental approach than ever before.

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