Why The 2005 Aeon Flux Movie Bombed: What Went Wrong

Despite a talented cast and a burgeoning young Hollywood director, the 2005 Aeon Flux movie was a failure on almost every level. Here’s why.

The first big-screen adaptation of Aeon Flux is best remembered as one of the most disastrous adaptations in the history of cinema. Not only did the movie tarnish the legacy of much-loved original animated series, but it also effectively crippled the franchise for nearly two decades. Although a newly rebooted live-action series is rumored to be on the cards, it’s difficult to escape the long shadow cast by one of the worst Charlize Theron movies ever made.

Released in 2005, Aeon Flux is a loose adaptation of the original MTV cartoon series that ran for three seasons between 1991 and 1995. The plot concerns the titular Aeon, a highly trained assassin played by Charlize Theron who sets about bringing the downfall of a dystopian future earth society, ruled by a cabal of mysterious scientists. Although Aeon’s home, the city of Bregna, seems on the surface to be an idyllic place, citizens frequently go missing as the population are tormented by nightmares. Aeon, alongside her fellow freedom-fighting Monicans, attempt to bring down the government.

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