Windows 11 out today: Is your computer compatible with Microsoft’s new OS?

Windows 11 is here, but will your laptop be able to run it? Here’s how to find out using the PC Health Check app WhyNotWin11 and more.

Microsoft will phase out Windows 10 support over the next few years, so it’s important to make sure your device supports Windows 11.

Windows 11 arrives today (here’s our full Windows 11 review) and the big question on a lot of PC users’ minds since Microsoft unveiled its first major operating system upgrade in six years is will my computer be compatible? There’s been some confusion about device compatibility since Microsoft’s big announcement of the updated OS earlier this summer. But the short answer is that Windows 11 should work with most PCs, according to a company blog post. However, though its release date has finally arrived, even compatible devices won’t necessarily get the upgrade today — Microsoft says you might have to wait until mid-2022 to download and install Windows 11.

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