Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Here’s what’s new

Windows 11 has landed, and with it comes some pretty big changes to the Windows experience. Whether it’s brand new capabilities or old functions with a new look, Windows 11 looks to have something new for pretty much everyone while still delivering the core functionality that has made Windows a staple of the computing world for more than three decades. You can read our Windows 11 review to see our impressions of the update.

Earlier this summer, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay introduced the newest version of Windows by talking about the familiarity of childhood homes and favorite spaces, and that the new Windows is designed to create calm. “It’s more than just an operating system,” said Panay, “it’s the fabric that’s woven into our lives.”

The concept of continuity and familiarity is a big part of the Windows 11 release. In many ways, the latest version of Windows is the old version of Windows, but with more polish. 

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