Windows 11 will let you sideload Android apps, circumventing Amazon Appstore

Windows 11 is out now, and while the launch of its promised native Android app support has been delayed, when it does arrive you’ll be able to install Android apps through the overhauled Microsoft Store.

At least early on those apps will be from the Amazon Appstore, which Microsoft is integrating into its Microsoft Store for Windows. However, you’ll have another way to add Android apps to your Start menu or taskbar: sideloading will work too.

You’ll have the option to install APK files, the standard filetype for Android apps, as reported by Gizmodo. Miguel de Icaza, a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, confirmed that’s the case in response to a question on Twitter. De Icaza is working on the Windows 11 Android project, which uses Intel Bridge Technology to run Android apps natively rather than in an emulator. 

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